Coquette and the Lana Del Rey Spoon Necklace

Coquette and the Lana Del Rey Spoon Necklace

The Coquette aesthetic is characterized by its feminine and flirty nature and is often associated with themes of seduction and romance. The famous Lana Del Rey coke necklace is a great example of this aesthetic.

The Lana Del Rey coke necklace is a heart-shaped rosary that is hollow inside and contains a small spoon. The spoon is totally used to store sugar to put in your tea. This accessory is a perfect embodiment of the coquette aesthetic, with its twist on traditional retro rosary designs. 

The coquette aesthetic has evolved from its origins in the mid-2010s on Tumblr, where it was inspired by the nymphet persona in Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita. While this community started with a focus on pursuing the persona of a sexually precocious minor, it has since broadened to encompass hyper-feminine aesthetics that incorporate elements of youth and teenage girlhood. While some coquette imagery may include references to sex and drugs, these themes are not central to the aesthetic.

Overall, the coquette aesthetic is heavily focused on conventional attractiveness, with many in the community focusing on fashion, makeup, and sometimes body type. This aesthetic has become increasingly popular, with a lot of tiktokkers styling the aesthetic with the Lana Del Rey coke necklace

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